How we work

What do we do to make your event perfect?

Together with our partners, we set up trainings and leisure activities where the participants play an active role in shaping the events.  


We strongly believe that…
  • we can only provide memorable experiences if they are based on empirical learning. We do not coach the participants in cooperation techniques but we help them take these with them as great memories that they can integrate into their lives.

Before contacting us, it is useful to have an answer concerning the following matters:


Define the goal of the event. Do you need a training that comes up with solutions, or would you rather take part in a so-called Team Fun activity which focuses on entertainment and shared experiences? The main question is what the program wishes to provide a solution for, and what kind of message you wish to convey to your co-workers. A team-building training could have the objective of the smooth handling of a change at the company (a restructuring for example), or helping the staff to accept the new manager.


We know it from experience that it is more practical to adapt a location to the event itself than the other way around. An unpracticed organizer looks for the venue first and then tries to force the program to suit the location. Our recommendation: choose the event first, and then find the best location for it.

Dates and numbers

It is fairly easy to calculate the number of the participants and set out a date for the event. During the preparatory phase, you should find at least two suitable dates so you can keep one of them in store.


What kind of budget are you working with, and how much money does the company devote to the individual parts of the event: the activity, the accommodation, the food, drink and the party, etc.?

From the first step to the last
What makes the event complete?

If you have already organized a wedding or a company event, you know exactly about the several ways they can go wrong. We would like to lift this weight off your shoulders, so we will walk you through a process where the only task you have is choosing between the options.

The course of our work process:
  • Getting in touch
  • Surveying requests and expectations by filling out a form
  • Meeting in person / Discussing the details in person
  • Making a proposal in person (optional reservations for venues and parts of the program: this way, we can guarantee that the items listed in the proposal are under your name until the end of the deadline)
  • Further discussion, proposal-amendment, elaboration of details
  • Placing the proposal and signing the contract
  • Working out the details: scenario, invitation card, printed materials
  • Execution of the program
  • Assessment meeting – mutual discussion of points to be improved
Extra services


  • Designing or editing invitation cards (electronic or printed)
  • Reservation and arrangement of venue, accommodation, catering
  • Personality quiz in connection with the trainings
  • Renting a bus, reservation of plane tickets, arranging the journey of participants
  • Technical support (sound, projector, screen, tent, etc.)


  • Accident insurance
  • Police and ambulance escort


  • Gift of gratitude
Quality, safety

Our co-workers having many years of experience in the field of trainings and event organizing guarantee the success of the program. You will have the chance to meet the person responsible for conducting the event (the trainer, coach, coordinator or the anchorperson), so you won’t have to leave your team in the hands of strangers.

Surveying requests and expectations, follow-up

A suit looks better when it fits the person wearing it. This is a good starting point for a great event – yet this is not all there is to it. After the program, we discuss the event and the results achieved with the leader of the team.


Our company is registered in the regional employment center (01-0341-06) and has a valid accreditation calibration by the National Accreditation Board (AL-1564). Furthermore, we regularly organize and realize trainings sponsored by state grants or grants provided by the European Union. The hundreds of events we have organized for our clients also speak for themselves and are part of our credentials.