Film Making Team Building Event

Everyone deserves 5 minutes of fame!

The essence of the team-building event:

You fill the shoes of the director, the cinematographer, the sound-engineer, the ones responsible for the makeup, and the actors at the same time. You write the screenplay, design the poster of the movie, and you are ones who are going to film it. You might have to obtain the accessories at the local bakery, but if need be, we will use Uncle John with the cows as a background, or Fred, the truck driver for the car chase scene.

The theme of the film might be, for example, a day in the life of our company 10 years from now…

What happens at the end of the shooting? The whole company is laughing out loud! This is truly an event holding great experiences at store for you.

One of our participant’s opinion about the film making team building event:

The premiére:

At the “Golden Film Reel” gala, we watch the movies made by the teams, and hand out the awards for best actor, cinematographer, director, and best screenplay and movie poster.

The films are given to the company on a DVD which includes the captions and the credit list.

Parameters of the team-building activity:

Length of the shooting:   0,5-1 day
Ideal headcount:     12-120 members
Venue:    can be set up at any hotel

Physical challenge: 2
Intellectual challenge: 4



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Clients that already participated in our “Film making team building event”:


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