Land Rover Trophy – Team-building on 4 Wheels

The mission:

All-day guided driving tour in the forest with land rovers exploring untraversed dirt roads, among fallen trunks and steep water-trenches. During our Land Rover Defender adventure tours, it is the participants who are driving the cars, getting through the obstacles presented by the field, and putting their driving abilities to test in extreme circumstances. 4-5 people shift places at the driver’s seat, while everything is supervised by the trainer of Camel Trophy Experience Drive, who sits in the passenger’s seat.

We stop at a clearing on the fringes of the forest for lunch, where grilled meats and vegetables, coffee, tea and refreshments await the exhausted drivers.

It is unique in Hungary for this kind of team-building activity to be able to go down even in the case of teams consisting of 50-60 people – something that is far from impossible for us, as we are able to march forward in a convoy of 12 land rovers.

Parameters of the program:
Length:   1 or more days
Headcount:      8-60 members
Venue:     Mátra, Bakony, Vértes, Transylvania (ask our colleagues about more Land Rover tours abroad)

Physical challenge: 4
Intellectual challenge: 4



Photo gallery:


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