Team Building Fun-drumming

Imagine a Christmas or end of the year party, or a year-starter meeting where 60 drums beat to the same rhythm.

Playing music together – and thus drumming together – is indispensably one of the most effective team-building activities, whose roots go back to ancient times, and is still a community-shaping activity.

A drum is assigned to each participant: the types vary from the big djembe (an African drum), the cajon (a Peruvian one) to the darbuka (an Arabic drum). These drums are not small toys but instruments of high quality (their value ranges from 30 000 HUF to 50 000 HUF).

Our professional musician colleague coordinates the informal drumming session. This involves introducing the instruments, teaching the basics, and working out a few complete rhythms – a section of the program which is always very much appreciated by the participants.


Clients who already tried this program (not exhaustive):



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An example for the course of a team-building drumming session:

4:30 PM Arrival at the restaurant, welcome drinks and finger food
5:15 PM – 6:30 PM Attuned to each other – drumming session
6:45 PM – 8:30 PM Dinner
from 8:30 PM Party and karaoke contest
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Parameters of the fun-drumming event: 

Our Team Fun event recommendation: workshops of small and great stature, meetings, conferences
Length of the event:
1-1,5 hours
Ideal headcount:
15-180 (but even thousands of members are welcome!)
can be arranged at any restaurant, or hotel’s conference room

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