The Big Picture – Team-building Painting

Let’s create the “Big Picture” of the last or the next year together!

The course of the event::

  1. Our graphic designer colleague lays out the plan of the company’s “Big Picture”
  2. The individual parts of the grand painting are prepared by smaller teams, on smaller canvases. Every group works on the details of the painting assigned to them on their own.
  3. Groups communicate with each other – the place of competition is taken over by cooperation.
  4. At the end of the task, all smaller pictures are put to their right place, and the colleagues can celebrate during the “Big Revelation Ceremony”.

The program improves the following areas:

  • Client relations
  • Taking social responsibility (CSR) by giving the painting away in the framework of an auction
  • Bolstering team spirit, visualizing the future the members will share, motivation, boosting the mood of a conference
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Parameters of the “Big Picture” team-building trainin

Length: 0,5 day

Ideal headcount: 25-300 members

Venue: conference room

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