The Treasure of Visegrád – Team-building Game

Visegrád is the residence of kings, an important spot with regards to our fights with the Turkish, and the home of intrigues and schemes. We explore historical sights (the Citadel, the Royal Palace, Salamon tower) during the team-building game.

The mission

The members of the training are exploring the area of Feketehegy (Black Hill) in small groups. The task of the groups is to gather as many points as possible by answering the cultural quiz and questions about the historical background of the location, or taking part in short games requiring physical prowess.

The Treasure can be unearthed if the smaller groups put the photographic details and information given for their scores together, and find out where it was hidden together as a team.

Parameters of the team-building game:
Length:   0,5 day
Headcount:    16-120 member
Venue:    Visegrád

Physical challenge: 3
Intellectual challenge: 4



Photo gallery:


Intellectual challenge

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