Treasure of the Forest – Team Building Treasure Hunt

 Why is a Treasure Hunt a perfect team-building exercise?

Indiana Jones kalapjaWe enter the world of Indiana Jones. There are different objects that have to be found outdoors. The strategy has to be worked out together by the team members, as winning might depend on this.

During the planning phase, communication within the team is just as essential as when it comes to solving tasks requiring physical skills in the forest. Having to rely on each other like this creates situations where the new colleague/colleagues can be integrated into the team or a passive team can be shaken up.

What is the actual mission during this team-building training?

A kincses térképThe different stages in the forest (normal and guarded spots) are located within the radius of a few square meters, which have to be explored by the teams on their own, without guidance, with the help of an orienteering map or a GPS. You can score points when reaching each station. You can gamble with the points by completing an exercise requiring physical prowess at the guided checkpoints, thus getting the chance of doubling or losing them altogether.

Parameters of the forest team-building activity:

Length: 0,5 day
Ideal headcount: 10-100 members
Venue: (our mountains) Buda, Mátra, Bakony, or Visegrád



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Our clients who already tried the “Treasure of the Forest” team-building event:

  • Csapatépítő tréning abbott

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