Why to Choose TeamFun?

  1. If you would like to live up to the expectations of both your boss and your team and prefer a wholly customized plan,
  2. If you are looking for a professional organizer who will put the whole event together from A to Z including schedule, location/accomodation, catering, transportation, parties, presents, insurance etc.,
  3. If you would only work on your event with a company that guesses your thoughts and is able to organize and follow through you event based on their experience of 20+ years with both small and large teams,
  4. If you don’t want hidden costs and you need your budget to be fully outlined in advance,
  5. If you would trust your team to professional and experiecned trainers instead of keen students or self-nominated PE teachers,

you have found the solution.

Our philosopy

“Tell us your team building needs and we will add our creative input, professional arrangements and joyful moments to give your team genuine success!”

Be a Professional Event Organizer!

Whether you be a leader, an office manager, an HR specialist or a marketing professional who hasn’t organized a corporate event yet, we would like to help you find your way a bit in the world of team building. I know you would like to be able to recommend the best options to your leader and then listen to the compliments for the professional arrangements on the big day.

People would call a lot of things team building so first here is a few tips to give you an idea about companies and price ranges.

Team building is similar to buying a car: there are a lot of options and price categories depending on your needs and budget.

Team Building Categories:

1. Out-of-the-box team building, ticket-based, ready-made events with local entrepreneurs or hotels

  • Goal: Quick and easy fun, team experience
  • Content: Gokart, paintball, forest cableway, quad, laser tag, archery, tower construction, canoeing, canopy, bobsleigh, dragon boat, geocaching, poosta olympics, escape games etc.
  • Size: 5-60 people
  • Price range: HUF 4.000 – 20.000 / person
  • Benefits: Easy to access for the price of a ticket, easy to organize
  • Drawbacks: Canned team buildings are like canned food: they are fast, they have every ingredient but they may not be to our taste. Quality issues are frequent (lack of trained staff and proper tools). Usually bound to location.
  • Who is it for: Teams with low budget or limited time (half a day) and size (5-20 people).

We use a few of these activities in our programmes but we never sell them as a standalone plan.

2. Team building or corporate event by a professional organizer

  • Goals: Playful enhancement of cooperation, integration of new team members, cross-functional team development, full-fledged, quality team building event with customizable concept and/or location.
  • Type:
    • Annual / Mid-year team building (the usual thing)
    • Change support (new leader or team member, organizational realignment, new function)
    • Functionals event (kick-offs, workshop etc.)
    • Support for internal or external partnerships (e.g. for head office collagues)
    • Family day / Sports day
    • Holiday events (anniversary, Christmas party
  • Content: Fully tailored, creative, complex team builidng in accordance with the event objective or management expecations, outdoor and indoor activities mixed.
  • Size: 11-1.500 people
  • Price range: From HUF 350 000 to several millions depending on the number of participants and event duration. Custom cost calculation, per person cost usually not included.
  • Benefits: Full support of event objectives by careful planning. Cutomizable location and trained staff. Thorough needs analysis and custom price quote matching expectations and requirements.
  • Drawbacks: Due to the complexity of the arangements and the event as well as the location and staff requirements, prices can easily run high. Quote creation can be lengthy due to required analysis and customization.
  • Who is it for: Companies who think it is important that team building events align with corporate goals and objectives thus a “canned” product is not an option.

TeamFun belongs to this category!

3. Cooperative development and change accelerator plans

Enhancement of team efficiency, and devlopment of winner attitude for sales staff and management.

  • Goals: Advanced cooperation development when the plan is expected to trigger quantifiable results of team efficiency improvement on a daily level.
  • Content: Outdoor and indoor activity mix.
  • Size: 8-35 people
  • Price range: From HUF 550.000 per day
  • Benefits: Prevents 4 to 6 months of “office woes” with 2-3 days of activities led by a professional trainer. Quantifiable improvement of personal attitude and team cooperation. Each activity is based on and utilizable in real business.
Our Lighthouse Training team deals with this type of team building events.


(Available only in Hungarian.)