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We asked for a team-building event that would increase team cohesion inside a fully international company with many new members. Team-members from every part of the world were invited.

Choosing the “Big Picture” painting activity for the evening was a perfect idea. The participants are working together in small groups, but these smaller units also communicate and cooperate with one another, hence the whole team was working together for a shared goal: the “Big Picture”.

The concept is ingenious; the participants got accustomed to the dynamics of the task within seconds, and the piece was coming along with great momentum. The trainers were really adept at coordinating the entire event in English during the whole evening. The organizing, coordination, preliminary preparations regarding the graphics, and the reservation and the setting up of the venue all went smoothly. All our colleagues had to do was to show up and enjoy the evening event we had the pleasure to attend together. In one evening’s time, we took team spirit and cooperation between the individual members to a whole new level.

Mátyás B.
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